Why School?

For those who will be reading from me for the first time….

My house is sandwiched between two “private ” schools. The one to my left I call School A and the one to my right School B.

For every day school is in session, School A gives me something to ponder about especially as it concerns the kind of education and what we expect from these kids that are half baked.

Well, school has resumed for another term. And today is day 2.

A little drama ensues between a teacher and a new student who is between 3 and 4years old.

The child’s cry gets me and then I listen to what the child is saying and in hausa she is begging her mother ” mama ba na son makaranta. Zan bi ki gida” which means mother I dont want to be in school. I will follow you home.

Initially it was funny but then it got me thinking

Must we all go to school?

Why the so much emphasis on education even when its obvious the person doesn’t want it?

Of what use is the schooling when a lot of emphasis is being put on learning a trade and ponzi schemes?

And if we must give our children education, why dont we insist on what is good not just any?

My thoughts though.

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