Edu-Fraud or Edu-Cation

Call me old school I agree… but I will rather remain in the category of old school than belong to the happening time.

Back in the days I was in secondary school, from SS 1, we were prepared for WAEC. Schools made it a point of duty that their students if not all at least 90percent of them can comfortably sit and pass the WAEC exams with a minimum of 5 credits.   When we were in SS 2, we had covered the syllabus for SS 3 and just continued revisions.

WAEC fees were just WAEC fees.

But now the story has changed

Students in SS 3 do not even understand the syllabus of SS 1 that they should have covered 2 years ago.

The WAEC fees are something else. It’s not as if anything different has been added ( students still write and not computer based). Oh yes, something has been added; registration is now online. So parents now spend ore to register their children. So in some places, WAEC fees can be as high as N35,000 and as low as N18,000.

Well to the biggest fraud of all, almost all schools now have extra lessons for students that will be writing WAEC.


The schools make the lessons compulsory for all the students which parents have to pay for after paying school fees and WAEC fees. Annoyingly, some schools offer WAEC lessons and JAMB lessons which is paid for separately. In addition to this, some teachers now offer another “extra lessons” that will have to be paid for….. All to pass WAEC and JAMB.

And then the Mega Fraud ….. you get to the exams centres and you begin to hear miracle centre, special candidates, special centre, ghost centre …. The list is endless.

I am worried because the children today are not educated but taught different fraudulent acts.

They are our tomorrow. We need to do right by them

Ministry of education…. Protect our future….. Stop this Fraud…..

Our kids need to be educated not Edu-frauded