We die the way we live: The final end!

And again from the death of this simple man who lived all his life without any family or friend, I have learnt a lesson that I won’t forget in life.

All through his life everyone knew he always had girls coming and going but none could be said to be his girlfriend.

Mr Simple at his death died alone. But then I realized that he had a brother in far away Calabar. 🤔

And then people from his place showed up. This is unbelievable

And the greatest shock of all…..

Someone else showed up

His son and ‘wife’!!!!!!

Oh yes he had a son.

Mr Simple and lonely was not as lonely as we thought.

I learnt that no man is really without family or kin. When something happens to that person we will realize he has people.

Well, as it goes, we die the way we live.

He had pool friends, neighbours, brothers, people from his place, in-laws, a WIFE and A SON….

All came together to give him a “befitting” burial.

In a simple wooden coffin with no hymns and just a few tears from his SON.

At the end of the day, he was left alone.

In a simple wooden coffin in a cold cemetery in a simple ceremony.

We all die the way we live!

Picture courtesy: Getty images

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