Private schools Public Problem 2.

I almost had nothing to write about.

For some strange reason I was glad I did not have to take on my self appointed duty of judge when at 8am all was quiet.

Suddenly at 8:15, school A decided to break the silence.

I sat down earnestly praying that some zealous teacher in school B will not be touched.

Luckily, the angels were on my side today. And at 8:45, school A decided that school B was not joining in the competition for the day. So in went the drums.

Today being Friday, I was glad that by 12, I will get some much needed rest from the drumming contest.

Lo and behold….

Little did I know that the devil had some things up its sleeves.

At 11:50, bam-bam-baram-bam. School A decides to hold an afternoon assembly.

Chimo! Chai! And it was the full works of assembly; national anthem (2 stanzas), school anthem and drum roll for students to go home.

Well, I am looking forward to the next two days of peace and calm.

Happy weekend folks.


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