Private Schools Public problem 1.

So yesterday I put up a post about being sandwiched in between two jelosinmi schools. They are actually private schools from Nursery to Primary and Secondary schools.

They can drum for Africa and I am there in the center trying to be the uninvited umpire to a drumming contest. Let us leave the teaching to another day.

So this morning at 7:45 I heard the first set of drums rolling, I knew we were in for it again.

So school A which is by my right kicked off the competition today. And I was like well school B which is by my left will be in class already.

You would think that the devil was just waiting to make fun of me.

School B decided it’s time for assembly. There goes my morning rest.

8:15 school B decides to opt out of the day’s competition. School A decides that the competition is over at 8:25.

They end the assembly with the song

“Parents listen to your children

We are the leaders of tomorrow

Try and pay our school fees

And give us better education”

Who even composed this song sef…. Anyways when they are begging parents who are at work or home to pay school fees few days to end of term…….

The matter tire me.

Finally my peace for the day. See you tomorrow.

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