The Race….

Christians, Muslims…..

At the end of it all we say we live so that we can make heaven or aljana. We strive so hard to win the heavenly race.

But no one really strolls or takes a ride to heaven.

To win this heavenly race, we have to pay the ultimate price.


I most times wish we can all approach the death of a loved one the way the Hausa’s do.

Death to them is an act from God. They accept the death of a loved one as the will of the Almighty.

Christians on the other hand have different approaches to death. But in all I keep hearing the family told not to weep as unbelievers.

But in reality, can our tears really bring back the dead?

If our tears is a sign of love for the departed, did we show so much love while the person was alive?

The reason for this thought…..

A young man just died in his sleep and the family sees it as God’s will.

It got me thinking

But as hard as I might worry about his truncated dreams, hopes, fears and relationships….

He has answered the glorious call.

We are left behind to mourn the departed but most importantly review our lives and ask when my time comes will I win the race.

One thought on “The Race….”

  1. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Death truly makes us think about our lives and choices.
    Most of us forget to show people how much they mean to us until they’re gone.
    Thought provoking piece. Thanks for sharing.

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