Again … I am caught in between


A word so familiar yet a feeling we just cant describe…..

I can never forget the call in the early hours of 27th March 2016. A call that changed my perception about things.

I remember the call that changed the course of things for me. That call that informed me of my mother’s crossing to the great beyond.

I remember looking round the crying faces and screaming voices and I just knew that breaking down was not the next thing to do.

I can never explain where that strength came fro, but I knew I had to be strong for everyone. I had promised her to look after everyone, so why not start fulfilling my promise.

I recall going through the burial planning and the burial process.

Anyone who thinks loosing anyone old, young, in between is a small feat, I assure you, you need to think twice.

Coming back home to an empty house, your voice only re-echoes in my head and in the memories you planted.

Now I ask myself what prompted this…..

Again I am faced with another young lady who just lost her mother. I am caught between feeling very bad for this girl who just lost her best friend and being strong. The feelings just come flooding back. And again I am caught in a crossroad…….

The future may look bleak for now…….

But at the end i must find my path and chart my course

For now i am caught up standing on a crossroad…….

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