First time …. Aproko

There is always a first time for everyone…..

I remember the first time I had to travel from Abuja to Lagos. I could not hide my bushness that day o. In fact till date, I have not gotten over my bushness for escalators ( I hope that is what it is called o). Truth be told, I will rather take the stairs than use them.

Anyway back to my story for today…..

So here I am sitting down in the plane on a trip from Abuja to Port Harcourt. I get to my seat and there was this young lady sitting there. Ironically she actually caught my attention as we were boarding because of what she was wearing. Beautiful looking but definitely conscious of what she was wearing; a knee length fitted skirt and a top that has to be dragged down to stay on the skirt.

Okay here I go drifting off again… back to the koko of the matter

As I was about taking my seat,  a young man hurriedly walks up and barely saying excuse me, tells her to move to the window seat and he sits in the middle. so I quietly take my seat by the aisle cursing myself for not checking in online.

And so we belt ourselves in and I jejeli bring out my book to read o, the next thing I noticed was the flash of cameras from around me. it was the most selfie trip I have ever undertaken. it was like everyone was in a selfie mood. Especially my new friends who took like 10 pictures in 2 minutes. And so, I over hear my guy telling her that she should take enough as they will have to switch off their phones now. she asked why and he said it’s the rule. Immediately my aproko antenna stretched out. hmmmmm, the babe na her first time and de bobo don de fly before. okay o.

as we were set for take-off, the bobo reached out to hold her hand and me, I was pretending to read but heaven know say I no read anything o. I de do amebo. At first she allow am hold her hand o, the next thing she removed her hand and said she is fine. Take off was good o until we hit small gallop for road. See fear. the way she gripped the chair and I could see her veins popping out. but ehn , na de guy make me laff no e small. he gripped her hand and shouted Jesus…. I agree it was a rough one but for someone trying to be ‘ THE MAN’ haba one small turbulence should not have unmasked him.

Anyway fast forward to when the snacks is served, the babe try posh small but before dem go say jack Robinson, my guy don gulp everything down. And to my shock, he started making fun of the men on the other side who removed their shoes and were seriously studying the pack given to them.

fast forward to landing, bobo was intrigued by the drama display by the wings and he kept on telling the babe to see how the flaps were displaying and in my head, I just laughed and said….

I hope my first day, I no display my bushness like dis o.

But wait o, how e take concern me. after all, we all had our first time.

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