Best Practices … AND The cycle continues…

We were not born knowing everything. We learn as we grow and then we become masters in the game and the cycle continues…. We teach the next generation…

The first time we fall in love, we learn from our friends how to show love. We get hurt and no one teaches how to heal. The growing up begins.

The first time a girl sees her  ‘period’, she learns how to use a pad, which is better and how to remain hygienic. Once the calculations or type of pad fails, we learn to do what suits us. The growing up begins.

When we get married, those with years of experience teach us how to be a good wife. How to cook. When one fails, we realise that experiences differ. The growing up begins

When one loses a loved one, people try to share their experience. But experiences don’t heal the pain. We learn how to heal ourselves. The growing up begins.

When a woman gives birth to her first child, a lot of teachers on best practices. As time goes, we learn and we teach ourselves. The growing up begins

The list is endless…. Please feel free to add more as The cycle continues. What is constant is that THE GROWING UP BEGINS.

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