Dapper Insanity

pexels-photo 3

She walks down the road naked….. Just a tiny tattered piece of clothe tied around her waist……..

He walks down the streets with a torn (if not naked) trouser. Usually one leg longer than the other…. no slippers…. hair unkept….. some with a cigarette or holding something……

We see them, we run. We see them we give them space for fear of being attacked by the mad man, by the crazy woman……..

You see him well dressed I call him A. Oh he looks responsible. He is well brought up.

We see her beautifully dressed and I call her B and we want to know her. She is beautiful.

But A sees a little girl and all he thinks about is how to sleep with her

B sees a child and simply because its not hers thinks of how this silly child is disturbing her

A sees a woman and because he has access to her body gives himself the right to beat her black and blue

Because B has the position, no other girl should work there.

Because … Because … Because ….

It can go on and on. And yet we think we are better than the mad man/woman who is on the streets.

Before you call the next person mad, let us ask ourselves this questions. If we were dressed decently, would we really behave differently

Pix http://www.pexels.com


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