I am STRONG but….

You wake up every day and the first thoughts that smack you is …” What will the guys eat” okay stop….. What do you have that you can put together and at least there is food in everyone’s stomach.

Just right after the next thing is what is for lunch and then dinner and then tomorrow and then and then ….

Oh before I forget, you have to bother about water, electricity, fuel, are the doors locked at night ….. The list never never ends and so does the worries.

Oh my! What happened to my friends. I have not spoken to them in a while but what difference, I have always struggled to respond to chats and text messages.

And ohhhh, I also have to have time to listen to all the stories from school, from things we saw on the way back and even neighborhood small talk.

Dont forget I still have to look good,  eat well and try to be happy most of the time.

And worry about safety at home, where everyone is, what they are doing or not doing, what needs to be done…..

Oh the list is endless but in all I love it because it is who I have turned out to be. But it does not make me to be the Super Super person.

I appreciate the thank yous, the look of satisfaction, the feeling of making everyone happy and spreading joy but once in a while I get tired. It does not mean I am backing out of all of this but its my human self rearing its head. But I will bounce back stronger.

So just know that I AM STRONG BUT I AM TIRED….. But I will come out STRONGER.

Photo credit :positives energy.

6 thoughts on “I am STRONG but….”

  1. Thus is me in a nutshell. I like to add…work place. The different characters in the office that won’t stop getting on your nerves and the constant battle to make sure ure all pleasant with everyone at home…I’m really strong but I sure get tired.
    Nice one Awobo.

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