Fighting BATTLES!!!!!

All lizards lie prostrate, we do not know which ones have stomach ache. ( AN AFRICAN PROVERB)

It is sad to hear and read of people killing themselves, killing their partners, their parents, their children and even people we do not know.

Life has lost meaning for a whole lot of us. It is very easy for us to get up and say we want to fight for what is ours. But in truth, do we really know what is ours? We claim what we think belongs to us because we have been made to believe that it is ours either from stories we have been told or based on the “truth” we have fed ourselves to believe.

And that is why it easy for us to give in to despair, throw in the towel and give up fighting.


We all fight battles daily believe it or not. What differs is the way we fight the battles.

  • We battle to stay alive
  • We battle to survive
  • We fight to remain relevant
  • We battle to maintain our relationships
  • We fight to be a source of inspiration and help to others
  • We battle to be a success
  • We struggle to remain healthy
  • We battle to have all we need in life

The battle list is endless and our strategies should also be different.  But most times we want to deal with all the problems in the same style….. but really? ….. has it worked? Has it made any difference? Life has continued to throw stones at us but we need to turn around, take those  stones and use them as the foundations to our castles.

We need people around us. No man is an island and no matter how much we think we got it under control, we still need to reach out to others.  And also we need to be able to understand those feeble cries for help that it might not be a shout for help but it is really needed.

Let us cherish relationships and not go into relationships and remain in them only when it is convenient for them. For in every relationship we find ourselves with our spouses, our lovers, our friends, our colleagues, our siblings, our children and even our neighbours we should be ready to take the whole deal; everything beauty and all.

Let us remember relationship cannot be compared to a buffet, it is not a serve yourself party that you choose what you want and discard what you don’t want.


Even the so called strongest of all. We might show strength, but inside us is a shout for help. Just a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean/cry on, an eye to be ready to always read your text messages, a hello-hi friend on Facebook or Instagram, a listening ear, a silent partner to hold your hand, a hug in trying times….

Winning the battle is not about showing strength, it is about believing in HIM who gives all and through anyone.

THERE IS NO GRIEF AS DENYING THE TRUTH UNTIL ITS TOO LATE. Of what use is our tears at the time the help is not needed.

Let us be willing to help no matter how little.



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