Rights…..Left…… Humanity lost!!!!!

So much confusion everywhere

So much noise about what morals society has, had or has lost.

It is easy to point fingers at single mothers or divorcees as the cause of how unmoral the youths of today are. But my question is, how many of these youths are products of single mothers or divorced parents.

You walk into a room and you see a gal, small thing wey you reach to born. Because e don siddon with man, she go eye you. You even manage greet sef, she will find it very veeeeeery difficult to respond.

The one wey de trip me pass na wen you siddon with guy wey be your friend and just becos im don de follow dem smile she go waka enta, specifically greet am and den you don become invisible be that.

You touch am, dem go begin shout human right. Na who human right don epp for dis mata so?  Na so we dey shout human right so tey we don lose our humanity. Human right, human left, human centre….. What we have today is only the right, the left and the centre but the human is missing from it all.

We have lost all sense of shame, respect, fear and most of all humanity. Please take your right back give us our humanity back



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