Goodbyes do not always mean “GOODbye”

Every December you hear people coming out with New Year resolutions for the coming year. Some forget as the clock strikes the hour that signals in a new day and a new year. 

Fast forward to the now!!!!!

2016 a year that started for me with no resolutions for the new year. Not because I did not have anything I needed to achieve, but I was tired of the silliness of it all.

2016 is edging closer to it’s finish line and like every good race, it has its memorable moments.

Thank you 2016. You have helped me to understand the Yoruba adage that says ” Eni to see waju ko se to Eni to se eyin’ ( I can’t remember the correct way it is put) which means that what is done when someone is alive is not as good as what is done when the person is no longer there. 

My mom used to have a lot of traffic in the house. People she was ready to do everything for. But as expected the traffic dwindled drastically in April. 

2016 you taught me that I had an inner strength I never knew. 

2016 I have seen true love from all my true friends and family. Friends who have stood by me than some family. 

2016, I have seen pain and hurt. I have lost love and happiness.

But in all, I have also found the strength to go on. 

I have lost Titi but found inner strength in Titilayo. 

I am happy to step into 2017 and say goodbye to 2016. But even as I say GOODBYE, I can’t forget 2016. Because you have given me so much and taken so much from me. 

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