Operational Bullshit!

I skip breakfast and I am sure the same for almost everyone else sitting and waiting for the announcement to board.

The music playing in the background is suddenly out to give room for the announcement. 

I could see some people already getting up to pick up their bags ready to board . . .

And the voice comes up;

Arik Flight .  . . to Abuja has been rescheduled for 11:30 due to operational reasons. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. 

Music comes back on again. 

Hisses, grumbling and foul language hang in the air. 

I love my Naija peeps. Some just walk to the food stall and start buying something to eat.

We have to wait for 2 more hours. 

Now, I really don’t understand what the hell they mean by operational reasons, but I why schedule flights when you need to sort out operational issues. 

People have also got personal operational issues and that is why they have opted to use the airplanes rather than use the road. 

So why use your reggae spoil my blues ehn! 

Now I am stuck here for another 2hours, where most of the seats are either unoccupied by those of us rendered operationless or no seats at all. Believe me,it is no fun!

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