A Mother . . .

A mother simply explained is one who gives birth to a baby.

A mother is one who nurtures from birth to a stage where the child can be on their own

A mother is one who even after the child has attained maturity, she never fails to worry about them

A mother . . . .

In recent times, the concept of motherhood has transcended gender roles and my friend Mudi captures it accurately when he says

In Africa…
Sometimes, a mother is a brother who looks out for you.
Sometimes, home is that little space in-between the wrapper and your brother’s chest.
Sometimes, the word ‘mother’ is a verb which means to bring up (a child) with care and affection.

A mother today must not necessarily have gone through the rigors of child birth to have some emotional ties to the child.

A mother is one who biological attachment or not, reaches out to show love and care to every child they see.

There are a lot of people that we are either related to by blood or association who have played mother figures in our lives; This is to acknowledge your sacrifices. There can be no ‘me’ without you in the story.



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