The garden city or city of gardens: Waiting for Arik Godot….


And so after all the hassle of passing through all the security checks, and that includes having to pay about N6000 as extra luggage( even though I knew it should not be that much, but what can I do?) .

So I finally get to check in and there was plenty of drama. A  lady had body spray in her hand luggage and the custom woman there said the perfume had exceeded the percentage of ‘whatever’ that is allowed for a passenger to carry. She should have checked it in. and she explained that the hand luggage was the only bag she was carrying….. and they went back and forth and after watching for a while using the fact that I was putting on my wristwatch as an excuse to linger on, I walked away.

And so, back to me…

I got upstairs and I walked straight to Arik stand to ask if the Abuja-Port Harcourt flight had started boarding and the guy there answered that ‘no o madam’. So I thanked him and went to sit down.

I decided to amuse myself with all the drama happening around me…. I got tired of all the drama ( nothing spectacular)

So after waiting for over an hour, I get a call from Mr Monday( Mr Monday is the driver to pick me up at from the airport in Port Harcourt

Mr Monday:       good evening and welcome

Me:                        (surprised) ehn!

Mr Monday:       I am just by the entrance when you come out I will see you

Me:                        come out where?

Mr Monday:       I am at the airport. A flight from Abuja just arrived

Me:                        ehn! wait let me call you back

Call ends

So I walked to the Arik stand again and the guy just sat there looking stupid. And I asked, please when is the Abuja- Port Harcourt flight boarding? And he answers they have almost finished boarding o. I felt like hitting him with my bag. I did not hear the flight being called and ….

So I just went past him and there was a bus to pick me. And the guy was trying to joke that ‘madam na you be de VIP wey we dey wait for o’. The look I gave him shut him up.

And when I got there, I met a woman and her husband also complaining that so if her husband had not come to find out if they were boarding, they would have missed their flight. The lady doing the security checked just kept on apologising. I did not even bother to say anything because I was really angry.

So if Mr Monday did not call me, I would have sat there stupidly waiting to hear the flight announced till forever…..

And so I get to Port Harcourt, and it has been different stories everyday

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