Maga or be Mugu-ed

I am often intrigued by the way Nigerians spin new ways of making money.
A woman and a man enter the compound in Zaria seeking for funds supposedly for an orphanage home. The woman looking hagard in a dirty atampa blouse and wrapper with a baby tied to her back, the man in a slippers begging to be thrown away and in clothes that look like it has not been washed in a long time. Anyways, they come in asking for funds to support the orphanage. Funny thing is that they come with a paper where you are expected to write your name.
So, my mum gives them some money despite my asking her not to. She now insists she has to write her name down and the woman says it is not necessary. Well the end of that drama is that no name ends up written.
Few days later, another young man comes in. This time neatly dressed. He walks in confidently and says he is from the orphanage. One of the tenants cuts him short by saying;
Tenant: bros, I happy as Una remember us o. You say you come from orphanage abi
Man: Yes. But we de collect money from people to carry go look after orphans
Tenant: I know. But me sef be orphan as my papa and mama don die. So bring the one you don collect come
The man hisses and walks away. So the next time some Nigerian dude wants to mugu you, maga the person

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