The garden city or city of gardens

Words have a way of playing with our mind set. 

It has a way of messing up our thinking. Redirecting our sensibilities. 

Port Harcourt city, Rivers state: known as the garden city… 

And so, after winning the battle with my inner self( that will rather stay in my comfort zone), I am stuck thinking of what to pack and what not to. Considering the fact that I am gradually acquiring more gowns than my comfortable jeans and t-shirts, and trying to convince my slowly winding down brain that I don’t have to impress anyone but myself, I pack what I do have; what ever clean stuff in my wardrobe.

And I head out.. ..  

The long trip to Abuja and the drama at the airport…. Chai, our airlines just can’t disappoint us abi? 

After all the hurry not to miss my flight, I get to the airport, check in and my drama starts. 


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