Christianity: For show or a personal relationship?

As a Catholic, I grew up to respect every man of God. I grew up with deep respect and admiration for the Reverend Fathers, Nuns and Bishops for their celibacy oath. For the Men of God in the car the Catholic faith, for their love for Christ and winning souls, I respected them.

I woke up this morning to read in the news about a priest that raped a 10 year old girl in Abuja( true or false, We are yet to know) and I am wondering when did it get to this point. This brings back memories of events I have read recently

1. The news sometime in recent past about a Priest who had 2 wives😑

2. The news about Pastors who sleep with female members of their church

3. The news about a Pastor who slept with a member’s wife.

And sadly even the church members are not left out of this degenerative attitude. 

A friend posted recently about how someone refused to shake hands in church because of issues with the person in whose company she was. 

Or the issue where 2 female members of a church in high positions are not on talking terms with each other because of a rift between their children who are married

The list is endless and I am compelled to ask myself what kind of Christians are we today. 

It should be our relationship with our Creator but the christians today are just carriers of the faith on our shoulders and we wear it as makeup on our faces but in our hearts, is a blank ‘black’empty mass.

Just thinking 0

One thought on “Christianity: For show or a personal relationship?”

  1. “…but in our hearts, is a blank ‘black’empty mass.”

    Truth very well captured. As Christians, we sometimes dwell so much on who attends what church, like there’s a different God for each church.

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