The rare-view mirror

Thank you Muddie


Words by Mudi

She had pointed in his direction and referred to him as Almajiri (destitute) but I begged to differ. He was a boy, like I was once was or still am, judging from the way she would sometimes say to me, “Grow up.”

He didn’t beg for a life on the streets, neither did he beg to be without food, shelter or designer clothing. All he seemed to beg for was to be seen differently.

I guess I did see him differently because I couldn’t see the Almajiri she had pointed to. She became visibly vexed and this made her decide that I needed a lens to see clearly.

Now, more than ever, I agreed with her and so I brought out my lens and looked through. Ladies and fellas, standing in front of my camera lens was a boy with a beautiful soul and I took this…

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