A Love to Remember!!!

facebook-20160214-214853 My 4 year old asks me ‘Mummy, what is Valentines day?’ and one of the older kids say it is a celebration of love.

Valentine has come and gone but the memories still remain with us.

Love: the reason for the season.

This got me thinking about what we tell children about love.

What we tell them about love and what they see us practice as love are they one and the same?

Love to a lot of people means a hug

To some it is the giving and receiving of gifts

For some it is the will to have money lavished on you

For some it is the physical presence of someone who gives us peace

For some it is the days when gifts are given like Valentine, birthdays etc

The list is endless

What really matters is what legacy we leave behind…

To the children under our care, let us teach them to love unconditionally

Teach them that love is celebrated every day and not some special days

That way we are sure of the kind of tomorrow we are setting up for them.




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