A Smile . . .

images 1A smile drives sorrow away.

A smile melts the heart of even the hardest of hearts

A child smiles at the sight of a loved one o someone she likes

A teenage smiles when satisfied that he/she has done something right.

A young girl smiles when in loveindex

A young boy smiles when he has done something to earn the respect of his peers

A young man smiles when he looks round about him and he believes he has achieved something great

A young woman smiles when she is satisfied with herself, her life and people around her

index 1A smile reflects our satisfaction, our joys and our achievements

But the strongest of all smiles is the one that comes from a heart that has gone through pain, going through pain, hardship, suffering and still finds the strength to smile through it all.


A mother, sister, brother, father, friend who despite the brutal fate life has dealt, hunger, loss of a lifetime which is dedicated to looking after children, siblings, friends and loved ones.

A smile will not take the trouble away but it will lighten the burden on the person and on the receiver.



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