0a4eb3f1-2e40-4421-b812-1f853eb16962DSCN0384Growing up in Nigeria, Zaria a quiet town in Kaduna State, all we knew about thanksgiving while growing was the usual thanksgiving in church on a Sunday after a very important occasion like a wedding ceremony, a naming ceremony, burial or birthday party.

I am all grown now and i see people celebrating Thanksgiving. I read different posts on what people are grateful for and i see that we all want to be grateful for the great things in our lives. things we have benefited from in our lives.

I have tried to think up different things that i have benefited from that is worthy of mention but all i can think of is I AM GRATEFUL FOR LIFE.

I am grateful for all the children around me. They are too many to mention image_10_54_02 AM_jpg(1)WP_20140622_08_48_09_Proemstine_025466   DSCN0354They have made me realize that it is not only those you are related to by blood that makes you glad. They have given me reasons to smile and have a lot to look forward to.

I am grateful for the times i did not have enough, it made me appreciate the times of plenty.

I am thankful for the less privileged around me, they make me realize that in my own little world, i still have more than some  people.

I am thankful for my friends, i have not been the best of friends but you have all stood with me.

DSCN0325DSCN0289DSCN0592DSCN0669   xx  DSCN0605 WP_20140924_063 WP_20140622_08_48_09_Pro

I am thankful for all the thanksgiving posts, you have all made me remember to be always grateful.

I am thankful for me. Without you all, there will be no me!12004081_10153725748606694_2495175452459380775_n


12 thoughts on “Thanks-Living.”

  1. Wow, awesome write-up, makes me feel thankful for life, friends, family and all the joys they bring…
    Lovely pictures too!
    Yes, we will continue to have Joy4eva, thanks for making me smile this morning!

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