The human mind is so programmed to see what it wants to see. The Nigerian mind is trained to see what they think it is even when they are faced with the truth of what is happening. I am also guilty of this crime and that most often times, has led to the people believing what they have heard about a person, a people, a group, a class or sect.

  • You see a couple walking attending a ceremony dressed in our ‘aso ebi’ and then we draw the conclusion; OH WHAT A HAPPY FAMILY. We fail to think that all of that could be for the occasion
  • You see a bride and groom on their wedding smiling and happy and we say; THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER
  • We see someone driving a beautiful car and smiling; we say that man has got money. We don’t even think that just maybe, he borrowed the car or he has been sent on an errand with the car.
  • We see a young girl from the North who yearns for knowledge and we jump to the conclusion that why waste her time after all she will end up locked inside one man’s house.
  • We see an engineer working for a big company and we look and say that he must be successful, not knowing he has an entire community to look after in the name of family.
  • You see a well-dressed person on the streets and you just assume she is from a rich home/background; she might have borrowed the clothes or bought them on credit.
  • We see a young girl who has gotten her Masters and successful in her career marrying out of the blues; we think she is a respectable woman who is doing what is right. Behind that picture of I am happy I am getting married, is the fact that she is doing this to satisfy her family or society.
  • We see a beautiful woman and a beautiful baby in a beautiful car and we say Awwww, the man must be a responsible father , not knowing she is single mother and the baby been fathered by multiple donors
  • You see someone diligent in his/her place of work and we think that the person must be well compensated.
  • He is always flying business class on EMIRATE AIRLINE all the time to the States and you think he is flexing; behind that visa is a medical condition that you are free from and he wishes he could BE JUST LIKE YOU

So like I always tell myself when I find myself in such wishful wishes, be careful what you wish for. Behind that mask is the real person. Be who you are and doing what you believe is right before God, for you and for humanity.

3 thoughts on “OUR MINDS”

  1. Hi Joy,
    I know MsBukky. I featured her post on my International Weekly Link Roundup today. I see you know her. Her picture is here. I am glad you liked my post. Thank you for the visit to my blog.
    As far as your post goes, I have a response. You are absolutely right. Your post is about perception. This is why jealously is wrong. People are jealous of what they believe is true. That doesn’t mean it actually is true. Thanks for reminding us of that. Nice to meet you today.

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