The start of a long time together. Everyone hiding under the cover of let us be ‘matured’, let us be Nigerians. Being Nigerian here denies you of your sense of what you want to be, how you want to talk, keep to yourself, or express yourself without thinking of who gets hurt. But what can we say; we are here and we will be ‘a team’ to get the work done.

Well its past one week and it looks like I am just allowing my mind run in overdrive. Well it seems everyone is grown now; ‘matured’ for lack of another word to use. There is some sense of team work and agree-ability. Well it looks like its gonna be a jolly ride. All parties seem to be playing their parts well. Even the not so seemingly organized planners seems to have gotten it too right.

Hmmmm, Two weeks gone and it seems like the mask is beginning to come off. The first cracks are beginning to appear on the walls. And a sigh of relief for me; the seemingly organised planners have been wearing a mask too all along. The drum beats and the dance steps are no more in sync. Imagine dancing ballet to fuji drum beats. Well, breathe easy, I tell myself, I am not in fantasy world after all. But I still hold my breathe, if a side of the wall is cracking can the other wall hold on much longer?

Well the end is here; three weeks complete. I lack the words to express how I feel or what is going through my mind right now. Well the cracks on the walls have appeared on both sides. and i wonder if this time around the walls are not broken and coming down. The masks have fallen off and just like the end of a costume/mask party, the true person behind the masks is revealed.

Again, I am happy it has ended, again I am glad I am not in a different planet after all I am in Nigeria where men will always be men. I am happy to know that maturity for some people will only continue to play lip service.

I am sad though I am in a profession that trades more in the art of mediocrity and back biting than the art of creativity and meritocracy. And I ask how can there be any positive creativity geared towards a better world when it is deeply rooted in machinations and lies.

And at the end of it allMasked_Tattoo_Killer I am back to where it all started from; lies, lies, lies


One thought on “MASKING DA MASK”

  1. There was fire on that mountain, I can tell. Well, sister, you have captured the “koko” with well laid out words.

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