CBN Private Department

My brother shows me a text message on his phone supposedly from CBN telling him that his ATM has been deactivated as a result of their system upgrade. To reactivate he should call their customer care mr John Edward on 07066891168. He laughed over it but then I said, let us call and hear what the clown had to say. So we hid the caller-id and called. The following conversation took place:

Phone: Ring Ring Ring

Mr John Edward: Hello

Me: Yes hello. I got a text message asking me to call this number

Mr John Edward: Okay . . . but your id is hidden.

Me: yes I know it is hidden

Mr John Edward: I am sorry there is nothing we can do since your number is hidden

Me: I know it is hidden. I just want to know what department in the CBN you work with

Mr John Edward: that is what I am telling you. the system cannot recognise your number because it is hidden so you will . . .

Me: (Cuts him) I have not done any work with the CBN for it to have my number in the first place. look here Mr, you are a fraud, a thief and a loser. You need to go get a job and a proper life.

Mr John Edward: Silence . . . . . HANGS UP!

Please o, na wen CBN begin upgrade ATM’s? Na wen CBN begin send text messages and de give numbers and name to call.

It’s a shame that we are still in this era of cheats and dupes. I really thought this would have stopped by name or better still get really creative and channel this duping habits to more positive things.

Anyways beware of Mr John Edward from the CBN personal branch.


2 thoughts on “CBN Private Department”

  1. This level is higher than Access bank informing me that my account will be deactivated if I dont update my online account details. To imagine I dont even have an account with them. Idle bunch!

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