Privately Public schools

I listen and watch with awe at how government teachers are dedicated to their work. Resuming early, making sure they have their credentials set and trying to be better at what they do: why?, simply because the Kaduna State government has asked for the biometric verification of all teachers ( or something sha that will verify the existence of the teachers and the certificates they say they have)

Well, my thoughts today is not about the government schools because we like it or not, at this rate they will be better than the private schools.

PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!!!! Private schools or personal pocket increasing venture! i look with disappointment at the increasing number of private schools that are springing up. schools are springing up without proper monitoring i dare say.

I am sandwiched between two schools (PRIVATE) and i can say that it is better for children to be sent to government schools than what we call private schools today.

Gone are the days where private schools was the in-thing. When you had the best of teachers, the best of training, the best of social amenities and where discipline was at its peak.

these days, you wonder what the children are expected too learn when their so-called teachers don’t have the basics for teaching themselves talk more of children put in their care.

i am imploring all those who have access to the ministry of education to help us create some sanity in the private education sector

to be cont’d

One thought on “Privately Public schools”

  1. Nice piece. As bad as the private schools now seem to have become, the decision to send children to these schools lie with parents who mostly see it as a status thingy.

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