It’s so funny how we make up our minds about what we will do when faced with certain circumstances and yet we find ourselves doing the exact opposite.

15 years is a long time.
 A long time for some memories to have lost the emotional values it had when the event happened.
 A long time for newer memories to have replaced the old ones
 For pain to have healed
 For replacement(s) of a deep rooted loss
 For you to have MOVED ON

But I assure you, it is not about the length of time, or the other wonderful memories that one experiences; some memories can never be erased, some wounds cannot heal and some loved ones can never be replaced.
It’s been 15 long years and I can’t seem to think of you in the past. Not because I have not tried, but it is just not possible to forget the one person who even in toughest times has.

This is not because I have not had memorable experiences in the past years, but memories of you are just too unique. A friend of mine Kunle a few days ago was amazed when I told him come 1st of June 2015 it will be 15 years since you LEFT. He always thought you just passed on.

15 years is a long time, some friends and family have answered the heavenly call, the family has grown and we have achieved a lot.

I told myself that I will celebrate you this time around. I will not mourn you because you have been gone a long time.

Sorry I lied. I still miss you like it was yesterday. I sat and listened as two people talked about you this night and I could just see your face.

I know you have never left me (us) alone. Every step I have taken, I know you are there beside me.

I celebrate the years you lived. I thank God for a father like you; I thank God for the years after you took THE STEP.

I thank God for the opportunity to have listened, heard and seen. Your words have guided me through life’s journey and though you are not here to hold my hand, your voice leads me still

Rest on Old man . . .


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