Birthdays are not for Dying

popMany years ago, I used to look forward to 2 days: May 25th and the other day in August .

You taught me that life has no duplicate. The only legacy we leave behind is the way we influence or affect those around us. You have never discriminated based on religion, class or where we come from. And I ask myself, if that is the kind of upbringing you had, where did we go wrong? Where did we lose it all?

I am in a country where nothing works for lack of better words, ‘in a standstill’. And I am wondering . . . what happened to the love for country. Where are the compatriots of this country. What happened to the spirit of brotherhood? Everyday we sing the National Anthem but then our leaders sing a different tune.

My heart bleeds but today I celebrate the life you have lived. The life you handed over to me.

You lived life to the fullest and your memories and legacies will go generations further.

Happy Baiday Old man


3 thoughts on “Birthdays are not for Dying”

  1. May daddy’s gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
    As per our national anthem…it has lost its nationalism! God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.

  2. Baba’s soul rests in peace, knowing fully well, u hv become d very embodiment of his ideals & the day will come when we’d wake up to a greater Nigeria.

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