Nothing Is Free?

Hey Fam,

Over the next couple of weeks, months or hopefully a lifetime, I will be bullying friends into writing pieces for the blog. I push them and they push me, meaning more posts, for your future entertainment.

In the spirit of this new development, here’s the first installment titled “Nothing is Free?” by my friend, Noel Samuel (whom I met at a tailor shop in Kaduna, last year & have had some of the most interesting conversations with over time, in between waiting for our clothes to be fitted).


Have you ever heard people say, “the best things in life are free”?
Does that statement leave you confused as it does me?

The first question that readily comes to mind is, what are the best things in life?
While answers to this question may vary based on individual perception, opinion and experiences, one thing is constant. There’s more often…

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