Different Faces, Same Question

Thank you Muddie for this. We take the little blessings around us for granted. Happy Birthday

faces 2 While these children posed for me to take this photo, their different faces seemed to pose the same question.

“How can you not be grateful?”

These children haven’t known a day with electricity, yet the light from their eye bulbs expose my ingratitude, as I’d rather blame NEPA for not seeing just how grateful I should be for at least having a rechargeable lantern too.

These children live somewhere on the outskirts of Abuja, yet the words Nigeria & Africa seem alien to them and I use these words everyday but fail to appreciate how blessed I’m to be made of black.

These children aren’t sure where the next meal will come from, yet the hunger in their eyes has provided me with food for thought, as I’m sure of the next meal but still undecided about what exactly it is, I’d like to eat.

These children think I’m the…

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